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Discussion on: A new approach to have Dynamic Forms in Angular

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Toulix • Edited on

I would like to know how to use this library with Boostrap and not with Angular Material.
Is there a way to do that? Or, if there is a useful resource for this, could you please point
me in the right direction?

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Mateo Tibaquirá Author

Hi @toulix
we will need to add a new subpackage @myndpm/dyn-forms/ui-bootstrap with components in the Bootstrap way.
Do you want to work with me adding that to the library?

Please fill a new Issue with the Controls you need and we start to create them together, while we document the experience for future UI packages ;)

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Sampson Orson Jackson

Hi @matheo ,

I am interested in working with you on adding support for Tailwind.


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Hi Mateo,

I am sorry for my late response.
I am more than happy to work with you for this new package even though I don't have strong experience with Angular. And I want you to know that I am just a junior Angular developer, but I am enthusiastic about learning more and contribute with you. :)

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Mateo Tibaquirá Author

Enthisiasm is good enough to start!
I invite you to join us on Discord:
and we can keep talking about the advances in this new ui-package.
I can build it and you add details to the controls ;)