Day 6 & 7: holidays & code

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Hey all,

I realize the last two days, I did not release an article so allow me to catch you up.

I am visiting with my sister, so Memorial monday and yesterday we spent a lot of time with her friends in different cities celebrating which was fun. But, don't think that stopped me from getting in my daily lessons. Holiday's are fun, but as long as I am not where I want to be in life, I can't casually take an entire day off without working on some code for at least an hour or so.

For the past two days, I have been focusing on finishing the basic javascript section which is proving to be a really good section as far as fundamentals go. I know a lot of the code and can read solutions fairly easily. I still want to continue to practice until I can code a game or a small app like a to-do list from scratch without having to use any help or stack-overflow, which I feel like I am getting close to being able to do.

I have some exciting new projects that were introduced over the past two days as well which is something that I will talk about in the days to come, but I know some of you are following the daily progress, so I wanted to stay updated on my progress.

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