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Maliamungu Swalleh
Maliamungu Swalleh

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ToppestBwoy|Maliamungu Swalleh

Maliamungu Swalleh aka ToppestBwoy

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February, 28/2000

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_•Professional in Digital Marketing,

•Digital Products and Events Marketing.

•Website Development, Professional in WordPress Development,

•Computer Graphics Expert.
•Computer Networking and Troubleshooting.

•Computer Hardware Technician and E-commerce Professional Salesman.
•SocialMedia Marketing and Management.
•Cyber Analysis and so many others._

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•Owner Of Quantum Marketing Uganda
•ToppestBwoy Uganda,
•Digital Marketing And Management Uganda.

Education Background:
Primary School:
•Naguru Infant Primary School Kampala Uganda,(2016)

Secondary School:
•City High School Kampala, Uganda (O-Level,2019)


•ICT at Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology UICT,(2022-2023)

•Digital Marketing And Management at SimpleLearn(Online)

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