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Negative margins

Finally, we have one more factor to consider: negative margins.

Negative margins allow us to reduce the space between two elements. It lets us pull a child outside its parent's bounding box, or reduce the space between siblings until they overlap.

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How do negative margins collapse? Well, it's actually quite similar to positive ones! The negative margins will share a space, and the size of that space is determined by the most significant negative margin. In this example, the elements overlap by 75px, since the more-negative margin (-75px) was more significant than the other (-25px).

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What about when negative and positive margins are mixed? In this case, the numbers are added together. In this example, the -25px negative margin and the 25px positive margin cancel each other out and have no effect, since -25px + 25px is 0.

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Why would we want to apply margins that have no effect?! Well, sometimes you don't control one of the two margins. Maybe it comes from a legacy style, or it's tightly ensconced in a component. By applying an inverse negative margin to the parent, you can "cancel out" a margin.

Of course, this is not ideal. Better to remove unwanted margins than to add even more margins! But this hacky fix can be a lifesaver in certain situations.

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