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re: People should respect you. It's your right to push back against disrespectful interactions. If it's waved away with "oh, [person] is just like that...
  1. You deserve to be treated respectfully until you don’t deserve it.
  2. You can become a good programmer even if you don’t spend your free time advancing your skills. It’s ok to not be great, but be mindful that there are those with passion who put in extraordinary effort to learn their craft. Don’t expect to get the same results without the same effort.
  3. Not all roles are equal in all companies. That’s the reality of life.
  4. Industry best practices do exist, and yes it’s good to be able to articulate why it’s a best practice. However doing something because that’s how others do it does not make it wrong. Learn why it’s a best practice.
  5. Read Uncle Bob’s Clean Code and Clean Architecture books. Watch his videos. Learn something about writing software which won’t be out of date in a couple years. A lot of the technology skills we learn, although important, depreciate very quickly and so are very costly to maintain. What Uncle Bob teaches keeps its value.

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