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Tom Yotwongjai
Tom Yotwongjai

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What I learn so far in my programming journey

I have been committing to advance my skill in web development, and have been doing so for close to 8 months now. Looking back from when I started, I would say I have transform a lot. From being heavily focus on step by step tutorials to really put myself in an uncomfortable position and really go off on my own and really code. I still do use YouTube tutorials but I find myself stop the video, looking at source code, debugging it and really understand why it does the way it does. I learn so much but still feel like I am just scratching the surface.
It somewhat a humble experience to know that what you know, it's just a fraction of a whole piece of pie, and each time you think that you eat enough, there's a whole new big pieces added to it. I'm enjoying every little step that I've accomplish, I embrace the frustrations, the "damn, Am I that dumb" phase, the feel of temporary defeat. In many things I've tried, if I stumble on problem that frustrated, I would just avoid it and sometime never come back to it. I do feel like that with programming but as I have some form of doubt, my motivation and drive grew even higher to tackle what's in front of me and make it work. To be able to add cool styling or awesome functionalities give me a sense of joy that maybe I am underestimating my capability, and that in it self is something special.

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