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Discussion on: Is everything in JavaScript an Object?

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and can U tell me how I can use that? For where, for why?
Many ppl start make jurnay about many sht, but for right, its useless, if u dont show me exactly how i can use it, its not working for me. Go and show exactly example where in backend, frontend? , because I just see console.log and that it.

Look like running you ego.? 🤔

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mayankav Author

@tomyjusuf Hey bud! Thanks for taking out time to interact. This post is only my take on what the title suggests. I didn't quite get what kind of use you'd want to put this to. I mean its upto you.

Small question big answer, we write to share our views and get feedbacks only to add to what we already know. I'd not even bring in over-confidence to ruin a good relationship with my readers, ego is out of question :)