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tomtucka profile image Tom Withers ・1 min read

Hi Everyone,

Ran into an issue at work today and I would like some opinions/help dealing with it.

so I have an file which basically contains***

where the asterixis are you basically define which profile you would like to use ie dev, uat, pre-prod, prod.

So when devs are working on there local machine they use the dev profile but sometimes forget to change this back when committing meaning that things point at the wrong place or use wrong logins etc... I originally thought I could just add to my .gitignore file and the remote version would stay correct on github and then devs would just create a locally and specify which profile to use. Turns out this didn't work and git just will not ignore the file without removing the remote ones too.

So does anybody have any recommendations? Any help would be much appreciated

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Matteo Joliveau

Never define your Spring profiles in

Pass them as a CLI parameter via***, with empty as the default (dev) profile

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Ivan Šarić

I agree with Matteo when running the app in a dev environment, just add the to the run configuration/arguments in your IDE.

For deploying on a server, whether its a test server or production, you could also include an external file next to your .jar/.war archive with the specified profile and your spring app will read it and override any clashing internally defined properties.

Whether you are using ant/maven/gradle as your build tool you can usually configure a target that will output your archive with the external configuration file specifying the profile for the environment you need.

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Matteo Joliveau

The way we usually go with Spring Boot is having a different application.yml(but it's the same with .properties) for every environment and switch them by passing the CLI parameter or via the SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE environment variable (very useful for containers).

So we have normally four files:

  • application.yml: base common configuration
  • application-dev.yml: local dev configuration, not committed to git and customized by every dev
  • application-test.yml: test server configuration
  • application-prod.yml: production server configuration

Optionally we could have more for specific use cases (e.g. in a project we have an application-openshift.yml for deploy on our Red Hat OpenShift PaaS).

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Tom Withers Author

Thanks for the information guys, seems like passing them as a CLI parameter will be the best option for us!

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Ivan Jijon • Edited

Hi !
Did you find a way to solve your problem ?

We have multiple *.properties files, one per environment (local, dev, ...).
Our file is tracked by Git.
Since every developper adjusts the file to his environment the changes appear in the Working directory.
I am also looking for a clean way to avoid committing my local config files and .gitignoring them is not an option.

I would appreciate any clue 😄

Thx !

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Don't worry we play nice here :)

I'd recommend a #help tag instead of a #discuss tag!

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Alain Van Hout

How do you start up your spring (boot?) app in development? Via CLI, via your IDE, ...?