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Discussion on: Discuss: Do we need the "Senior" Software Engineer title?

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Thomas J Owens

In larger companies, titles are somewhat important. Even in smaller companies, being able to denote someone with a great deal of experience in the product, the domain, or one or more of the core technologies from someone who is new to the product, the domain, or the core technologies is important. But it really only has meaning within a particular organization based on how they define their roles and titles. How many levels you need depends on your organization - I worked in an organization with 5 or 6 titles and another organization had 2 with 3 "grades" in each one.

Whatever titles your organization has, it should be consistent. There should be bars and expectations of someone with a given title. Make it meaningful to your organization.

I don't think that the software industry as a whole will align on much. There's too much variation in companies, in terms of size, organizational structure, processes and methods, and so on.