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Discussion on: Is Uncle Bob serious?

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Thomas J Owens

Not only do we have the institutions to support that kind of system right now, the educational systems that produce software engineers are sometimes very different than those that produce other engineers, doctors, lawyers. Not all software engineers go through traditional college or university education. And even those that do may not go through any kind of formal education in computing. However, these people are just as capable of being great software engineers.

Part of the reason for this is the low barrier to entry. The tools and resources needed to design and build software products are much more accessible than tools and resources needed to build many other types of engineering products. This, plus the easy-to-obtain educational resources make all of this possible.

Any kind of system needs to consider people who don't have formal education in computing.

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Blaine Osepchuk Author

Good points. We could also add non-native English speaking to the list as well.

Does anyone have direct experience with the training offered by the Software Engineering Insitute at Carnegie Mellon? They offer courses that appear to be semi-on-point here. I've looked at these courses before but they are government/defense focused and I work in a small business so I didn't get far.