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Discussion on: Why I'm leaving Drupal for Laravel

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Tom Metcalfe

Long time Drupal developer here (started around 6.2) and I've recently been working with Laravel I've found working with a proper MVC framework a breath of fresh air.

Coming back to Drupal 8 after that has been a bit of an eye opener, but I can see the huge strides made from Drupal 7.

I agree that the main thing with Drupal is the infamous learning curve. The documentation on d.o is pretty awful too. There is an initiative to get it up to date, but that is a gargantuan task. Until Drupal sorts that out I think it will always have a steep learning curve.

Hopefully if you ever make your way back you'll be pleasantly surprised :)



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Wendy Stocker Author • Edited

Great comments! I'm going to try my best to keep current with D8 as well. There seems to be some pretty big moves to decouple D8 and use a JS framework for the front-end. As far as storing/accessing content Drupal does an awesome job at that.