Real cost of your new library

Tomek Buszewski on March 02, 2019

Creating application nowadays consists mostly of implementation. We are using tools. But are those tools, albeit open-sourced, really free? When s... [Read Full]
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I agree that you should probably not jump head first into some random new framework. At least you could try it out on a side project first.

But how does Express help in this case? It is a minimalist framework that in and of itself is not enough for a mature application so you install a bunch of different dependencies and somehow make them work together.
How does that make onboarding easier when every project can have an entirely different folder structure, set of libraries, test framework etc.


Hey Michael,

Express was used merely for illustrative purposes, as it is easily recognizable. But it quite often starts from there, someone choses a framework, no matter how small footprint it has got, and then application is snowballing towards tools' mindset/guides etc.


I think the discussion part is irrespective of the chosen stack.

Not that my experience is larger than a pebble, it does appear that people stand clear of learning something in the midst of needing to also solve problems.


Hey Jesse,
what you describe quite often defaults to "select what I know" rather than "select what I would like to learn", because the time constraints. When you don't really have the time to learn, introduce and develop some feature basing on a new solution, you go with the one you know to meet the requirements.


Welcome to enterprise concerns.
You may be trying to solve problem A, but don't forget about problems B-Z that aren't in your immediate vision.

Most programmers and software developers forget concerns like this, this is actually one of the strong elements missing from the career field that keeps it from being a profession.


Hi, tennixpl,

You are addressing far wider problem that was tackled by my text. When creating new project, be it a microservice that will only store simple key/value pair or a monolithic enterprise application, the amount of choices is terrifying ;) But choosing a stack that will be fine with the team and market-compatible is one of the most important ones.

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