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Hi Ilona,

I make mistakes on a daily basis. Sometimes they are simple and easy to fix, like a typo or some minor change that breaks one integration test I haven't even knew about. But I like to find these and fix them before they go to our repository. Not because I don't want to "lose my face" or come as a plain idiot, but because this can pollute my colleagues work. If the error is small enough, it can sneak to the master branch and spread (for example, some will build upon that, thinking that this is fully functional piece of code – picked from master, all after all).

The most important thing on making mistakes it not to be ashamed of it.

And to answer your question, I once merged a very early-stage version migration (from v1 to v2) to master. And, since we got a CI/CD, it went to prod immediately. We were fixing this (mostly my colleagues, as this was 95% backend stuff) until 1 or 2 after midnight.


I didn't get the impression she was talking about git commits although that's what I jump to as well when I see the word "commit". I suppose that's why we have git to avoid the chaos associated with collaboration and human error.


Thank you for your story 🙏 It's really impressive! And now I cannot say that the described situations were failures. Definitely no! It's EXPERIENCE.

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