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First Summon The JSON reactions

tomaszs2 profile image Tomasz Smykowski ・1 min read

Summon The JSON is alive. Lately some developers shared their reactions. Read to learn more!

Marcus Michaels on Instagram, 16 000 followers:

Alt Text

Albina on Instagram, 1103 followers

Alt Text

@FrancescoCiull4 on Twitter, 24 400 followers

Alt Text

It is very exciting and gives me a lot of motivation to work on the project. If you want to see more reactions and also videos checkout out the product page. Until Sunday STJ: JavaScript is discounted from $33,99 to $26,99:


Also, you can become a STJ affiliate and earn 5% of every sale. The register form is available here:


Follow me to know more about the project!

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