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Are you already lost in your node_modules?

tojasun profile image Sandra ・2 min read

lost in dependencies

It doesn’t matter if you work with React or Angular or Node.JS after some time when your project is getting bigger and more complex, it is no longer so easy to follow updates of your project dependencies. This problem continues and with so many updates and versions popping out, it will never end. Of course, this is understandable as projects will never be perfect, bugfixes, security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues will keep popping up.

I noticed this quite some time ago in my work, that npm update could be improved. Upgrading dependencies to their latest versions might often break your project if some of your dependencies contain breaking changes. I wanted to be able to upgrade my node_modules safely in a project, therefore I decided to search for an app, which in simpler and more user-friendly way will allow to track what is happening with my project dependencies.

Let's have a look into the app.
OK, I'm listening

npm-gui is a handy tool for managing javascript project dependencies, which are listed in package.json. Under the hood it will use transparently npm or yarn commands to install, remove or update dependencies.

Below you can see a screenshot of npm-gui.  
Alt Text

The newest version (v.3) of npm-gui has been released last month, and apart from showing you what could be updated, it also allows you to track size of individual bundles or critical security bugs.

Whichever framework you use, if you are a web developer looking for a way to simplify managing your dependencies, you must check out this app.

Try it out simply by using command:

npx npm-gui
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This command will start application npm-gui without installing it. The new window in a browser will appear and all you have to do is click the open button to navigate to your project within npm-gui.
Alt Text


Feel free to leave your comments below. And if you have any features suggestions create an issue on project's page on GitHub.

And if you like it star this project!
Click to see the app at GitHub

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mirzafarazbaig profile image

You had me at Moss- IT crowd Gif

tojasun profile image
Sandra Author

totally my fav! haha :)

lukeshiru profile image
△ LUKE知る

Does it only support npm, or can it be configured to use other package managers like pnpm instead?

tojasun profile image
Sandra Author

Hi Luke! :) Very good question. From what I know npm-gui supports npm and yarn. It does not support pnpm just yet. @qnick do you have any plans for pnpm support?

qnick profile image
Paweł Stefański

Hi, no one ask about pnpm until now, but the answer is - yes ;) I think that support for pnpm could be added in some next big release of npm-gui. But for now i can't exactly state when. I have a few small features that i want to integrate first.

clementvidal profile image

Really. good idea!
I'll give it a try.

727021 profile image
Andrew Schimelpfening

I’ll definitely have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

damiansulewski profile image

I love it!!

kosm profile image

Seems handy , i ll give it a try..

stojakovic99 profile image
Nikola Stojaković

Nice project!

adamchodowiec profile image

Good article. Npm-gui looks interesting. Defenietly will give it a try.