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I was 10. I was coding a game from a book on the ZX81. I had to use a 16Kb RAM pack to allow me to write all teh codez. I think it was about 2 or 3Kb in total, but the base RAM was 1Kb or something. Anyway, it took me about 4 hours. The keyboard was soo finnicky, it was mostly debugging... XD

All it did was create a 'valley' of spaced 'I' characters that descended down the screen towards your avatar (an 'H') and you had to steer left and right to get further up the valley as it narrowed every 10 steps or so. There were millions of these games, but it all boiled down to this basic dynamic.

It ran like an LCD word processor, but it was my first game! Unfortunately, since there was no tape backup, that night I lost it all because the RAM pack had to be returned to the owner. 'Death Valley 3000' was early vapourware! :D

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