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Discussion on: Changelog: Hidden Comments

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Tobias SN

I actually think this is a bad idea. Say someone wrote an article about a piece of software they made, and someone makes a comment about a critical flaw it has. Because this will likely reduce the amount of people who are going to use it, the author simply decides to hide the comment.

Now I understand that this will not always happen, so I’m proposing that users need to earn permission to use the feature, perhaps by having to reach a certain amount of comments and hearts. And even then, they shouldn’t be completely hidden. Maybe something like what Ryan suggested.

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It is a bad idea indeed. There was a post I read this morning, that had comments on it that was on-topic, refuting most of the post.

Author even replied that there is a lot of good points, but later that day comments are hidden, and as far as I can tell, the author have not updated post to reflect any of the points in the comments. So feel like it's just burying information for self serving reasons.

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It has happened to me many times, most recently right now. I guess DEV is starting to value political correctness more than other types of correctness. Of course they aren't the only one, in fact it's a wonder they endured for this long. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Time to find a new community.

(Yes, I know this comment is probably going to be hidden. I'm writing it mostly for the person who is going to hide it.:)

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