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The stereotypical assumption that anyone knowing something related to computers knows everything about computers.


oh god yes, my parents still expect me to do tech support for them whenever I visit and I'm like "well, you're running a Windows system, and I only use Macs and Linux, so, I have no idea? sorry?"


Lmao the most useful ability I possess while helping someone is being able to use a search engine.

Sure, I am able to use a search engine just fine, but so can my parents, and I’m not there to be their IT support. My mom is pretty good at respecting that but my dad always needs help with one little thing and before I know it I’m rebuilding his website and investigating home automation technology for him. When I’m just there to relax and see my parents, dang it!

Oh your computer is screaming MBR 0 and not booting? Lemme just spend 3 days not knowing wtf is going on while I try to fix it.

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