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re: What is the difference between this project and coder/code-server?

actually, I didn't know code-server before all the comments.

This project is also not clear positioned jet. Personally I wanted it for my raspberry and personal website. It was like two years ago, that I published a first version of teditor, at that time without vscode, but code-mirror.
I was trying before, to run vscode in the browser but failed, now I found that solution.

Now I want to add more functionality, such as search and support the terminal via web-socket.
Each feature should be very clear defined. and documented, to allow others to build there own solution. different scenarios require different configurations, such as in a server, in IOT, education, showcase or sandboxes.

vscode is a very good IDE (thank you @microsoft) it is possible to run it with some modifications online. But these modifications are not obvious to make.

Hopefully, people can be encouraged to build new cool tools for collaboration and software engineering and vscode can be a very powerful base.

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