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Discussion on: TypeScript is a waste of time. Change my mind.

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Matt Del Signore

For me this is the biggest win of typescript. Types act as another layer of documentation. It encodes valuable information in the code that helps future developers use what you wrote

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Ali Ahmed • Edited on

As a junior dev on my first job who had to read the code other team members wrote in a project, I can testify to this, TS was a godsend! I was up and running in two days max and able to contribute. The code didn't even have a single comment (that's bad or not is another topic,but I feel with TS you don't need much commenting anyway). Without TS I estimate I would've struggled for a week at least just to understand what was going on. I wasn't sold on TS before, but after this I'm never not using TS in a project. The self documenting aspect of TS is enough to warrant its use in every project, let alone all other benefits.