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Discussion on: Passing Arrays as Function Arguments

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Matt Del Signore

Good ol' this.arguments. My favorite Javascript feature that I'm afraid to use because it doesn't have all the Array methods I want.

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Samantha Ming Author

It looks like an array, but unfortunately, it isnt :(

Actually, maybe I should write a post about that. The arguments is an interesting topic and I don't think everyone knows that exists πŸ€” Even if they knew, the post will be a nice reminder πŸ˜‚

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Mihail Malo

@samanthaming if you end up writing a post on it, I beg of you to include warnings about performance and analysis implications, as well as the "single rest argument"((...args)) alternative.
Honestly, that's the only way I see to offset the damage of more people finding out about/remembering it :D

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Mihail Malo • Edited

AFAIK it causes deoptimization, while (...args) works much better.
Still, if you expect a real array, like in Math's case, you should just take an array.

Math.max( Array(200000).fill(1))
Math.max.apply(undefined,new Array(200000).fill(1))

These both fail with a stack overflow, and the only way to get an answer is to implement it yourself:

new Array(20000000).fill(1).reduce((a,b)=>b>a?b:a)