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Time traveling, dreams and gratitude

Matheus Goncalves on May 31, 2018

I just found a picture of my house in mid-2001. Look at this mess! A back house, suburbs of São Paulo, Brazil. One bedroom, a kitchen and an out... [Read Full]
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This is incredibly inspirational: Make do with what you've got and always strive for what you want. Things will fall into place soon enough.


This resonates with me. In my early twenties, I was a college drop out, laid off from my job, surviving on 1 meal a day to pay bills. It was beyond hope and imagination that my life could look as it does today. I had to do my part, but there are also a laundry list of people to thank for the opportunities and experience along the way.


I had a camera, and Windows setup was taking too long to finish. So, why not?


Clipper! Oh the memories. I tell you, something about me misses these good old ASCII screens. They don't make 'em like that anymore.


I especially like your conclusion that you may already be living your dream without realizing it. Often we take too many things for granted.

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