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re: Yes the Trailhead is a very neat learning platform, however the certification costs about 10K dollars ... I'll pass.

Actually Trailhead certifications (Badges and Superbadges) are free. And Salesforce Certifications range from US$ 200 to US$ 500.

Developer: USD 200
Advanced Developer: USD 400
Administrator: USD 200
Advanced Administrator: USD 200
Sales Cloud Consultant: USD 200
Service Cloud Consultant: USD 200
Architect: USD 500

For the latest pricing of the Salesforce.com certification exam refer to certification website webassessor.com/salesforce

Source: certifiedforce.com/faqs/certificat...

The silver lining is: you don't have to get the certifications to become a Salesforce Developer. You can learn a lot of stuff on Trailhead, for free. :)

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