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Hello Carbonell, I am exactly where this article starts at, wanting to get more in-depth at programming! Thanks for sharing the ways I can get started doing that. To be honest, I had already looked at some of them, mainly Udemy and TreeHouse(not in-depth yet). As far as I know, SkillShare is also a viable place to get programming courses. Thanks for writing this article, it made me seriously consider where I am, and where I am going with my career.


PS: I'm also really interested in bridging the gap between designers and developers(like you are), as that is what I am currently doing with Qub3d!


I totally forgot about Skillshare. I'll add it to the list! Thanks for reminding me. Best of luck to you and your company!


Thanks! But, to be honest it's not exactly a company, just an opensource project.

Ah! I should've looked at it more carefully. My apologies!

No problem! :D It does sound like a company though.


I also have done some great things over at Sitepoint, and SoloLearn, and the newer one Enki.

I totally forgot to add those. I'm on SoloLearn all the time.

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