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Tina Huynh
Tina Huynh

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What do you consider as a "stable work environment"?

As we exist the pandemic stage of fright, we cannot deny the fact that our mindset towards employment has shifted. Individuals who once worked full-time in a cubicle found themselves in the comfort of their own homes. People working 70-90 hour work weeks found their productivity enhanced from remote jobs and their hours being cut to a fraction of their old patterns. Some employees became their own bosses and turned to entrepreneurship! Way to go!

But as the shift continues and people are still shifting their gears to find what is the most comfortable for them, the question is still afloat: what will produce the most stable environment for us, produce the most financially to be able to keep us healthy and happy, and give us the freedom we deserve and aspire to live? The up to you.

As much as we all hate is, success can only be determined by the one living the life success is brought into. That means success is different to me than the next person. One person may want a yacht to go out to the beach every month while another's dream is to be able to have a staycation every week. Two very different goals, two very different ideas of stability in order to get them to that desired outcome.

Have you thought about where you want to be 5 or 10 years from now? Are you doing the right things that will get you there?

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