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Days 1 - 20: #100DaysofCode

Tables of Contents

  1. Learning JavaScript/TypeScript
  2. Looking at React
  3. Shifting Gears
  4. Where I'm Goiing From Here
  5. Conclusion

JavaScript and TypeScript

After having looking through Material Design and Materialize, I set out for my next web application project. First, I looked at some new books and visited some libraries and immediately fell in love with the library atmosphere.

JavaScript Books

  1. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript

This book includes 20 sample exercises, is written with beginners in mind, and addresses the main two issues when learning a new language - retention and comprehension.

  1. JavaScript & jQuery

This book has beautiful and simple visuals that guide you through reading and writing JavaScript. It aims to remove the jargon (or at least explain it) into easier to understand pieces of information.

TypeScript Books

  1. Effective TypeScript

This book goes through 62 specific ways to improve your use of TypeScript from basics to advanced.

  1. Programming TypeScript

This books goes into how you yourself can maser the TypeScript language, eliminate bugs, and scale your code efficiently and effectively.

Previewing React

After taking a look at TypeScript, I noticed how a couple of project ideas I had written down required both TypeScript and React. Having used a bit of React in the past, I did want to eventually learn it. I had my eye on a couple books.

  1. Learning React

Since this book is geared towards web developers with experience with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, it covers topics such as managing data, reducing debugging time, and React hooks.

  1. Road to React

This book specifically dives into React with TypeScript. Bingo! It also goes into React's APIs, includes exercises and projects, advanced state management, and more. It is also beginner friendly.

Branching Off Into Another Direction

Unfortunately, as quickly as it seemed my journey into web development began last year, I started shifting gears. After meeting a new mentor and coming to realization that a dream I once thought was unimaginably unachievable is within my reach, I started my new adventure.

Through everything I have learned from HTML/CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, etc., and what I hope to continue to learn from those languages as I still have interest in them, I know my new knowledge and growth will never be wasted. The passion web development fueled within me couldn't be stronger or shine brighter. And with that, I am ecstatic for what lays ahead for me.

What This Means For This Challenge

As I mentioned, I absolutely fell in love with the library's atmosphere. Because of this, I have been spending more time at nearby libraries studying and working on my projects...always somehow ending up with more books in my hands as I make my way back to my car. I currently have 15+ library books at home on various topics such as JavaScript, python, ajax, data science, artificial intelligence, calculus, statistics, and more.

Flipping pages each day, I am writing down notes in a brand new bullet journal and watching my progress before my eyes. The goal for this challenge has switched from creating a project a day to simply reading a chapter a day, learning a new topic a day, etc. Bluntly put, make progress every single day.

With the rest of life buzzing around us, whether it be school, work, family/friends, etc., self learning can easily be pushed aside. But it is our job to hold ourselves accountable for our learning and growth within this industry.


I am absolutely excited to learn everything I need to, and slowly make progress with every stepping stone along the way. I hope you will follow my journey and maybe it will inspire you to pursue your own passions and dreams. Maybe my learning will help you with yours. Either way, thanks for reading this article.

Happy coding!

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