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Discussion on: What advice would you give to High Schooler (Thinking of software developer career)?

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I teach computer science to kids up to 18 years old.
I always tell them about the financial benefits of programming but that's not enough they need to have a passion for solving problems, those who like maths and physics tend to enjoy it more. Of course there are exceptions (pun intended) it'll need to be handled.

Programming is a skill that can be used as a fall back even if they didn't use it straight away, it's a skill that stays with them for life.
Programmers see the world differently for example, they see everything as a problem that requires a solution which in turn can be automated to make money. Abstraction, decomposition and computational thinking makes you smarter and these are all transferable skills and instantly makes you employable in many sectors.

Otherwise money isn't enough to motivate lots of young kids. Tell them to try some exercises on scratch, freecodecamp or even codecademy. The last one is great though not free they get to make some real world projects using latest technologies. It's a great starting point to see if they'll get into it.

Just a my few pence. Hope it helps.

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Thanks @tmblog ! Great advice, and keep doing your think as a teacher. Having a teacher's input is awesome!

Just as a side note here in response to your comments on math:

I personally hated math...until I got into programming.

Have the immediate feed back loop of trying, seeing if I failed, and then immedietly being able to attempt another solution changed my entire outlook on math.

Writing down a 5 to 25 step problem in the traditional pencil and paper way felt hellish to the way I think and improve.

Appreciate your comment, and I'm really happy to be able to send Stevie a teacher's two-sense on the topic of computer science. Thank you!