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Exactly what I've done with the serverless framework I've built (aegis). I used secrets manager, though I'm interested in the parameter store too (didn't know about it or maybe it didn't exist before?).

Curious what you do for caching.

I wish they provided something directly within Lambda itself.

Thanks for sharing!


the caching is nothing fancy. just a simple map where i store the retrieved key and an expiration time ( like.. 5 minutes) and everyime the lambda is invoked i check if the key i have is expired - if so, i refresh it reloading it from SSM. Of course it works only among the same container - but it could save up a lot of time and money anyway.
our case right now is simple, but the caching could definetely be implemented better, with multiple keys with different expiration times - and probably i would need to think about the case when you update the secret and you have still containers running - trying to use the old key from the cache...


Hey Davide thank you for the article and I started my application and planned to use SSM as my secret store and I had the same solution in my mind to fetch and cache but the cache which I thought is not matching with getParametersByPath api due to its async nature so can you please share the gist which has caching implememnted on lambda that will help me alot and without knowing how to cache for this async nature api I got stuck and my application implementation got blocked.

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