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Discussion on: Stop using frameworks and libraries

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Tirtha Guha

This article lacks insight and foresight.
To give an analogy, you can go for institutional education, or be home schooled. Do whatever suits you. In home school you're alone, and can proceed at your own pace. However, you cannot deny the value of institutional education.

if you're sceptical about react, use preact(lightweight), vue(just different), or backbone (if you're really want to go back 8 years). All of them are developed by individuals and supported by community.
But you'll have to accept that they make code manageable and maintainable that you cannot do with vanilla JS. And frameworks are not only for frontends, you use Hybernet/Spring on Java, Flask/DJango on python etc etc. The fact is, in large enterprise application ecosystems, not using a framework is frowned upon, because often you are not the only developer.

That article about why react should not be used sounded like a cheap trick to attract visitors. more like a clickbaiting. It didn't have any sound logic. And the people who supported are mostly py, Java, Ruby, etc backend developers.

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Mihail Malo

I can absolutely deny the value of institutional education.

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Sergiy Author

This article is sarcastic. I wanted to show a lack of insights and thoughts as it was in the article about React. My position is to use tools that suit your needs and don't reinvent the wheel if you want to make it better.

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Alexander B.K.

"The article is a joke, please don't consider it seriously"
I was not sure when reading this sentence, but as you clarified in this comment section, it is clear now.
I thought before you are a guy like Igor Sysoev who created Nginx, so initially I took your opinion with awareness.

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Tirtha Guha

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. 👍