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Discussion on: What tips would you give to devs working on little startups?

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Tim Roderick 🎈

Architecture is pivotal! In a small startup you implicitly become one of the core architects of this venture. Understanding best practices (depending on your project) for software architecture is key.

Books on this vary in quality and are very opinionated, but a good one to start IMO is Clean Architecture by Robert C Martin

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Keff Author

True, I have been architecting at my startup for years, and mostly doing everything front end related as well.

I have not read that book, I will check it out though. Thanks!

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Mike Bybee • Edited

I say this to any architect (in fact, I said it just today or yesterday here on Dev), but it's especially relevant to those in small, cash-strapped startups nobody has heard of (hopefully yet), whose only option may be to hire junior devs:

If you're not architecting with junior devs in mind (can a junior be brought up to speed and start making contributions quickly, without a long, drawn-out onboarding period?), then it's not good architecture.