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Awesome 🤩

But I get the message Mastodon url is not a whitelisted Mastodon instance for ruhr.social/@tim

Will it maybe better to accept the normal Mastodon notation (@tim@ruhr.social)?


It's a URL, did you include the protocol part? This uses the exact same validation as the website URL.


Yes. Here the URL I added:


The only message which I get is:

Mastodon url is not a whitelisted Mastodon instance

PR created:


But I also think that whitelisting is not a good idea. There are existing many instances with only one account. E.g. mastodon.ar.al/about


We can consider other longterm solutions separate from whitelisting.

In the meantime, it might make sense to include a "more info" link in the error message about how to make a PR to whitelist an instance.

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