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Discussion on: What is Neutralinojs? Alternative to Electron

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Tim Fish

The article mentions that Electron "is hated by developers" because of RAM usage but I can't see how Neutralino can improve on this. For starters, on Windows if you're lucky, it'll use Edge Chromium which is going to use almost an identical amount of RAM to Google Chrome or Electron.

We've been shipping an Electron app to 200k customers for 4+ years and not a single customer has even mentioned Electron and nobody has complained about the download size. This suggests that users generally don't care as long as an app works well. For this reason, I've decided that I no longer care that a few opinionated developers hate Electron. It's not even relevant when considering the business case for an app 🤷‍♂️

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Rajvir Singh Author

Yeah you are right, Even I think too it doesn't matter as ram is there to be used. As I mentioned in Which is better part.

Neutralion is not like all out best, But it seems Neutralion developers are trying to get Neutralion best in performance wise so I think it will out performance the electron, But even so as you mentioned it dones't matter at the end to customers. So yeah it comes to developer. Btw Thanks for writing comment