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Awesome post, and full of truths about myself. I often let my own insecurities prevent me from releasing anything, whether hardware or software. It extends to other things too, e.g. I've been playing guitar for over 5 years, and can now play just about anything just by hearing it once, but my own lack of confidence and the tendency to compare myself to legends prevent me from even posting cover videos on social media, as much as I'd like the positive feedback. In fact, it's crippling across most facets of my life, and is something I've only in the past few months begun to understand and tackle head on. At the end of the day, we're all just members of an advanced breed of Monkey, pushing forward and trying to get through each day without tripping on our own feet, so what is there to fear of anyone's opinion?
By the way, just to let you know, the 'gidgitz' link on your site when viewed from mobile chrome doesn't allow selection after dropdown; it defaults to the 'Base64 Encode/Decode' link.
Again, thanks for posting this and speaking from the heart with it. I think it'll help a ton of people to train their own neural nets away from this subconscious ailment. Cheers!


Great comment! Loved the part about advanced breed of monkey! lol I struggle with other parts of my life as well when it comes to fear. So i totally relate.

You should post your link to your music on a reply to this comment, let people stumble upon it! Or even better, wrote a post about how you live a life of both coder and musician. I think it's amazing that you can do both!

I'd love to hear you music or see your projects.

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