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I used ScreenHero a couple years ago with a colleague and we were quite peeved when they got gobbled up by Slack. And now Slack throws away ScreenHero's selling feature that really worked for us back then like a charm.

I wish startups like ScreenHero would just hold their breath and try to stand on their own feet for a while without agreeing to the next best offer. As far as I remember ScreenHero never made it out of private beta back then when Slack bought them. For bigger companies like Google, Facebook or Slack it's mostly just about extending their IP, getting new patents for cheap, and eliminating competition early on. For many of the smaller startups it also seems to be just about money, agreeing to the first big hostile takeover offer, and not so much about offering something new or solving the world's problems.


FYI, a hostile takeover is one that the owners don't agree to.


"Just about money." Creating a start-up requires hard work, substantial risk, and long hours. What do you suppose the biggest motivation for these things is?


I think this is a tiring argument. Not everything is or should be about money. There is more meaning to be found in life.

Can't feed my family with "meaning."

I disagree. You can make a good life for you and your family following ethics, moral and a meaningful job. The rest is just greediness.
Of course if they don't care about making something useful for the people and the only care about the money it's perfectly fine. But remember that there are lots of people in the world offering their lifes to help or serve others without caring about the money.

No, not everything is about money. But high-risk start-up businesses definitely are.

The only reason to go into business is to make money. If you simply want to help your fellow man, you volunteer your time somehow. There's absolutely nothing wrong with either one. Business is business, charity/volunteering is something different. I would not put up with the crap I do at my place of employment under any circumstances if there wasn't a paycheck coming in return. I have a family to support and it is my intention to do it as well as possible. You are free to have the opinion that work should improve the world if you feel that way, but I'm focused on my part of it when I'm earning paycheck. I also volunteer a very significant amount of time and energy in my community as well, but that's a separate activity.


tuple.app/ is building screenhero of the future if you are interested


Not exactly a screenhero of the future. Tuple most of the time is using at least 50% of the cpu spiking to 90-107% occasionally. Screenhero was not doing this, nor zoom does

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