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re: If you follow Agile, you tend to respect ceremonies, no matter the cost. I mean, not being flexible and not adapting the process to X team's needs ...

I can totally see that happening. And then you will have Agile advocates and experts tell you that you're doing Agile wrong (I've also seen that on forums time and time again). Never been a part of Agile work culture, but read enough about it. To me it looks like a cult. We always had best practices at any point in time and people strongly advocating for it as the best thing since the invention of sliced bread.

There are merits to it. Good aspects. But I believe it doesn't have to be religiously followed. It wreaks of micro-management to me, and if you put enough trust into your team mates then there's really no need for jumping through all those hoops all the time. I believe Agile (just like "Lean Startup") is something that is primarily sold by people who give speeches and write books about it specifically for management types who like to buy into the hype


Thank you Thomas for your comment. I agree with you, micro-management sometimes produces the exact opposite results of what a team wants to achieve. Agile best practices shouldn't be followed like the bible, we should always be flexible and adapt, and since every team is a bigger living organism consisted of human beings (really special ones :)), we should learn from our mistakes and evolve to become more efficient and productive.

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