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A Junior's Development Setup

So after reading Karan Sharma's on his setup, I felt compelled to write a little post of my own.

Who Am I and What Kind of Development Do I Do?

I was a student at the University of Pittsburgh studying Computer Science. I made the mistake of taking two pretty hard CS classes at the same time and, because I am just too old for that shit, decided I would learn on my own. I have two years of CS learning under my belt formally.

I am also a Free Code Camp and Treehouse student. I've also diving into John Washam's Coding Interview University and Open Source University. Most of my time is spent studying and building projects that I want to open source.

My Setup


I do most of the work at my iMac. I also have a big ass whiteboard on the wall behind it. I used to do a developer podcast with with Nick Lash, an iOS developer for The Nerdery and good friend. We want to fire it back up but neither of us has the time.

My Tech Stack

Pitt uses Java for the Computer Science curriculum as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL for their web development CS courses. Java, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL are my current tech stack. I'm looking to add Node, Express, and React to the fold soon.

Favorite Dev Apps


As you can see I have a lot of apps on my Mac but my favorite would have to be:

  1. Alfred: for the workflows. I can create a gist, list my repos, search HackerNews and Stack Overflow, and track my time with quick keyboard shortcuts with the Toggl API.

  2. Jetbrains IDEs: I know Visual Studio is now on the Mac and VSCode has Intellisense but for big projects WebStorm and IntelliJ are great apps.

  3. VSCode: To build my CRUD apps I use VSCode which has come a long way since it first launched. I was #TeamAtom but because of the Intellisense I've switched. Great app and fast.

  4. ShellRunner: A little utility to test shell scripts.

  5. Expressions: Another utility to play with RegEx. Great for newbies and grizzled vets alike.

  6. Quiver: The Programmer's Notebook. I have several notes in here. The interface is simple but good looking

  7. SnippetsLab: A great place to keep snippets of code you'd like to use later.

And finally...

  1. Dash: Docs right on your Mac without needing an Internet connection. How great is that? You can add your own Docs and annotations with a purchase, though it is free (you have to wait 20 seconds or so to start using it after you've had it in the background for awhile if you haven't purchased). Well worth the $15.

What are some of your favorite dev apps?

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