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Bernd Wechner


With all due respect and not meaning any criticism, I cannot help, wondering when reading the interaction between Padmashree Jha and Rohit Dhas (as a native English speaker) if there is some special code dialect of English evolving between users or Indian devs? I can barely understand what they're on about.

That said this is a nice little idea and I tied it, randomly searching Hamilton as I just had my family asking if we want to watch it (the broadway musical released in 2020 on DVD) and I couldn't find it but I did find this:

And I can off this impression:

  1. The title is weird and like some foreign language translation of the actual title on image.

  2. I can see a Buy this Movie button but not price or price range (if there's a list behind it) - at which point personally, I leave a site. Buy now without a price means nothing to me alas other than poor web design so I depart (unless of course they have me by the short and curlys and are the only place offering something I'm desperately after in which case I click it to see if I can find out the price before filling out nay forms, because if not then I'm almost certainly outta there again).

Anyhow, nice little app, and idea. Keep it up.

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Rohit Dhas Author

Hay, thanks for reviewing my submission.

And actually, when you click on buy now button it opens a form with pricing information.

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