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Bernd Wechner

Thanks, a really interesting read and great links at end. I love what you're doing in that you're clearly writing an appwriter ad, but it's done in such a general, informative way, that serves as a real solid read, easing into it with a kind of while-we're-here appwriter reveal late in the piece and then actually helping me to understand better what appwriter is. I am not being cynical here nor sarcastic, but genuinely appreciate this excellent balance.

The quality of the writing in the first half is awesome (there is a missing Amazon pagination image though I think), much better than many amateur blog posts I read here, and I think that can be achieved because of the reality that it also serves to as an ad for appwriter and so appwriter can invest, pay someone with talent and possibly even a copy editor, and the so gently introduce the product in an informative context that it remains informative and interesting to boot.

I look forward to more.

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Matej Bačo Author

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the article 😊 We focused on introducing problems and solutions in a generic way without using Appwrite-specific terms or tools, so anyone can educate about this topic.