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Discussion on: How a single JSON file could become your entire code base

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Bernd Wechner

I find the proposition a little confusing I admit. Data is code, and code is data, always was always will be, which is more or less the fundamental proposition of IT from the outset. What new observation is being tabled here? I'm not so sure. There is also nothing new in abstracting code so it can be translated into another code easily. Which is all I see in the JSON example is that, a new code defined in such a way that other codes can easily be generated from it.

I mean by all means, such a thing is an interesting idea and if you can justify developing one, go for it and see if you can win uptake and adoption. But make no mistake code is data and data is code, and all you are doing is defining a new language: Meta-System.

If 10 years hence it proved to have been a success (the way Python has for example), it will just be seen as the new language on the block "Meta-System", perhaps with a new name by then or not. As it is just a new language on the face of it.

Or, by all means, let me know if I've misunderstood.