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Discussion on: I got the Github Copilot access

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Bernd Wechner

Thanks heaps Hannah for clarifying. Weird product naming and alas rules a pile of github users out because surprise surprise I'd confidently guess there are at least 3 maybe 10 or 20 github users for every Visual Studio user.

Github after is Microsoft's odd dive into a big FOSS world and FOSS developers are famed methinks for using a whole array of tools as long as they ain't MS, licensed or freemium (hamstrung so the minute you need a dev feature you hit the paywall). VS Code has made huge inroads though being free as in free beer and if copilot works there it'll boost that even more.

Me, nah, don't think I'll be Visual Studioing much. I mean I do use VS Studio on one job I have, but it takes little maintenance and I'm rarely in it, and I did use it for years commercially developing software and do like it to be honest, a rocking good IDE to be frank, but alas, as I dived more and more into github and FOSS over the years never adopted in in that context, in fact intently sought alternatives in the FOSS world and am very content.