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Discussion on: What are the things that scare you as a Developer? 🎃

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Bernd Wechner
  1. Sinking deeper and and deeper into a given problem asking all the while if there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel, egged on by solid estimation in the first instance, then hope then the sunk costs so far, and ever fearful that it may be ... a dead end.

  2. Frustratingly poorly documented libraries that you pretty much, or totally have to reverse engineer while trying to utilise them

  3. Spending a long time developing something only to find someone else did it better and faster and you can toss the fruits of your labor out the window and just use that.

  4. Dealing with irascible hubris and poor interaction skills in other developers, not least gate keepers on repos or fora.

  5. Forking frigging forking ... umpteen wasted effort solutions solving the same problem, meaning when you want that problem solved, you don't have two or three options (which would rock) but like 20 or 30 and your first job is endless pros/cons research before committing to a path.

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3. happened to me not too long ago; then I did a benchmark and my code was x10 more performant sooo... not a complete waste of time, at least :D

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Rammina Author

I see! I've dealt with number 2 and 3 quite a few times before. 4 seems like it's very common in the corporate world.