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Discussion on: What calendar app do you use?

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Bernd Wechner

Fair call. I mean I use one primarily to coordinate with the many people in my life. I like them to see when I'm busy and when I have events on, and vice versa. But that is contingent on them using the same app, hence Google Calender is the lowest common denominator (I would prefer to use say my Nexcloud calendar but ...).

For example, just so you have context, I have an ex wife and shared child who spends time here and there in roughly equal proportion, but who's also gotten more independent. We historically keep track of arrangements on a calendar. I have a current wife and two kids there and we communicate their commitments, sports, and medical and whatever else, by posting calendar appointment and inviting one another. I have work commitments too, and they alas use Microsoft, but I always had the MS and Google calendars synced so I could get one view.

It's not possible to complete tasks as they come when many of them are parked in time in the future, and they don't come, you have to come to them, and remember to and know that you can (haven't double booked yourself).

But of course if you are single, independent and don't have a social or work life that pins a lot of appointments in the future, yours is a very viable approach.

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Madza Author

Thanks for the insight! 😉👍