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Discussion on: A Typewriter, but with no HTML, CSS, or JS?!

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Bernd Wechner

Nice. I like.

But I think it a tad extreme to claim no HTML. I mean the svg tag is... er, HTML, not?

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Timothy Foster Author

Technically, there's a clause in the HTML spec for the svg element; but, you could also save this as a literal *.svg file and load it up in a browser, hence HTML isn't necessary!

Or a different way of putting it, I technically used HTML to present it in this post, but only used features provided by the SVG specification 😊

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Haris Secic

It's Schrödinger's tag. It's HTML and it's not. It's markup not HTML but HTML "supports" it. So if browser supports it while rendering it's HTML. But not really. I think you see how this could be series of blog posts by itself.

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Nah, that's considered SVG as it's present within an SVG file anyways I believe