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I started working remotely when I started at my company (New Relic), before COVID and the whole company going remote (back in February I think). New Relic has been very remote-friendly since before I started, so, when we went all remote, it wasn't that big of a deal. Some people struggled adjusting to WFH, mostly around not having a good place to work (small SF apartments will do that) and childcare.

Advice on working remotely:

  • Get a desk, a 2nd monitor, and a good chair.
  • Make your meetings video calls. It helps a lot.
  • Stock your own snacks and coffee.
  • Take time mid-day to get out of the house. It's a nice benefit that is way easier WFH.
  • Some days are just not productive. It's way more noticeable than in the office. That's okay. Don't sweat unproductive days.

Ergonomics has been more apparent than ever going full WFH. I started in a new role right as the SIP orders in SF began (end of March). Bumped my mouse from a cheapo vertical to an Evoluent and it's made such a huge difference, but you nailed an oft-forgotten crucial crucial bit! Stocked snacks and coffee! LOL. I got an Aeropress at the beginning of the year and my gosh! What was I doing all this time paying $4/$5 for Philz? I'm very ashamed

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