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Worst manager I know was of type shilly-shally. He had no goals for the team, not even small ones that would've lasted a few weeks. He was always just repeating what his superiors told him and requested every minor matter to be worked on immediately by the whole team. Progress came to a complete standstill, but he's still in charge today.

2nd worst manager I know had long-term goals for herself, but was micro-managing everything. Worse than that she also sold to her superiors that everything was done by herself, even replacing her team members' names with her own name in documents and presentations. In the end most of her team quit all of a sudden and she was degraded.

Best manager I know had deep engineering knowledge, but wasn't micro-managing at all. He spent most of the time sheltering the team, which is IMHO a very good way to keep productivity up. He also followed the rule "praise in public, criticize in private". Nobody wanted to quit the team.


I thought you were speaking about my previous manager on first paragraph. Last year almost whole department has left the company and he's still there.

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