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Thorsten Hirsch

Welcome to the community! Unfortunately I cannot say anything good about your article, because it is one of the worst I've read. Here are some of its problems:

  • Since VS Code is the most popular code editor amongst developers, most people here on already know it and don't need a generic introduction to it. But developers might be interested to learn more about their favourite tool, so if you'd go in-depth a specific feature of VS Code...?
  • You've tagged the article #react, but it doesn't contain anything related to react.
  • Linux, Windows, and macOS are not web applications, but operating systems.
  • Your article seems unfinished. It ends with the five main regions of the VS Code UI, but is that what your article is all about?
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If this is one of the worst you've read, you're lucky.

Seriously though, do you have to be mean like that? Maybe English isn't their first language.