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Discussion on: Simple and effective: Unit-testing Alpine.js components with Jest ⏱️⏩

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Pascal Thormeier Author • Edited on

That's an awesome package you built there, a much simpler alternative to using Puppeteer! Are calls of magic methods also inspectable or do they still require some manual labour to be mocked?

Mind if I add a link to the package to the post itself?

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Hugo Di Francesco

I haven't tried to mock the magic methods, but all the stuff your code sticks on the instance is exposed under $data

A link in the post would be great!

Also a quick note re- puppeteer, Alpine.js itself is tested using Jest with baked in JSDOM (& that's also what test-utils uses) so that's another piece of the puzzle between JS-only unit tests and E2E tests with puppeteer or Cypress