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I am glad to have my peak time today. I started back in 81 as a kid, made it to the 90ies as a hobbyist, had a little pause till the early 2000 and came right back professionally to the birth of the modern web. The browser has become the gateway to the world. And with the rise of the browser as the relevant platform operating systems became less of a thing. I have a Mac in the living room. My workplace is linux powered. I have a Windows machine (somewhere at least). As long as it has a browser, I can watch videos, listen to music, surfing the web. Chitchatting etc.

I am able to sit at my laptop listen to music, switch to my phone listening in my WLAN. When leaving the house my mobile switches to LTE and I am able to listen without big interruptions on my bike on my way to work. We have intelligent IDEs, great tooling, nice languages.

The web is a great learning ressource. And last but not least, we have dev.to:]

What greater time could there be?


I feel the same! So many resources to learn from, and still so much to be solved. Plus...it’s more friendly for women in tech so that a huge plus for me.

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