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Discussion on: The cooking post back from the grave.

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Thomas Junkツ • Edited on

There was this weird peace to making a quality meal for myself.

This is not unlike when I was learning to program.

100% yes. It's interesting to see at least a second person wandering this planet having similar thoughts on this topic.

For me, cooking is about controlling the flow of creativity as is programming. When I start cooking, I have a rough picture of where I want this to go. And step by step the picture is refined. While cooking I plan the steps to take next.

What nobody understands so far: cooking (at home) is not stressful for me. I even did dinner for 22 people on my wife's birthday. I spent 8h on that. I liked it - not that I wished doing that on a daily basis ;) But doing it for this occasion was cool. I find it mostly meditative.

The same goes with programming: Most of the time I imagine a possible solution only by hearing the problem and work my way step by step towards the goal, refining my thoughts on the way.

The only donwnside for me (or more precisely people around me) is, that visiting a restaurant is giving me a really hard time. You develop a sense of taste, regarding flavour and optics, which is sometimes hard to meet. You know how you would've done it ;)

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Levi ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ Author

That is awesome! I totally see that, how the dish builds upon itself like good software. Its also similar in that one bad ingredient can ruin a whole dish.

So everything should have special attention paid to it to assure a greater whole. Good stuff! Thanks Thomas!

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Just like when you visit another website, and think about how you could have done it.