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Hari Haren
Hari Haren

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How I use YouTube Effectively.

We all use Youtube, But for what? Entertainment? yeah it’s alright , but to what extent ? Literally everyday I used to spend hours by staring into it but without really gaining anything in return. During this pandemic we all are locked inside our homes and it is a golden time to improve our skills and gain additional knowledge, explore our hobbies, building our-self for better future.

Using youtube can be deceiving, It always pushes us for that “one more video” We can’t resist, Its human nature but we gotta learn to control it.

Here I got some tips on how to deceive youtube back! Catch your breath

1)Manage different accounts for different purposes

I have 3 accounts signed onto youtube and I jump between them for different purposes.

  1. First account for Entertainment purpose. Here i watch all the movies, trailers, Sneakpeeks, Stand-ups, you get it right?.. all the entertainment stuffs(whatever you consider as timepass)

  2. Second account for Gaming purpose. I am a huge video game freak, I spend hours playing video games. But I consider it as a useful time cause I am planning to pursue it as my main career.

  3. Third account for Educational purpose. All kinds of Programming, Ted talks, Educational videos, Motivational videos, and other stuffs which actually help in building something that has overtime value and an impact on our-self

Alt Text

Like I said before, I rank those three accounts as worst to best from top to bottom. So make yourself a deck and allocate those different accounts you have. I know u have more than one account human!

Different accounts helps me to differentiate on what I should do and helps me to spend time in a sorted and balanced manner.
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2)Clear your browsing history Duh!

Since I have got back your attention 😜, Clearing the youtube watch history will have a huge impact on the video recommendations. It will also introduce you to some more useful stuffs only based on your recent interactions

Alt Text

3)Next, use the “Not Interested” button

I don’t know if you know or not, There is a not interested button which is actually helpful.

There will a time at which we feel like this is irrelevant, This is not worth it.. at that time mark that video. Youtube algorithm is smart enough to block all similar videos which in turn helps you to be more streamlined on what u want and focus on the spotlight content according

4)Add to your personalized playlists

Add all the videos you want to watch to your playlists and do spend time on checking your watch later and other playlists on youtube. The recommend some amazing personalized videos to you then.

That's pretty much it. It may seem so bizzare and dumb, But try it to feel the difference it makes on your youtube experience, Youtube is an amazing platform with millions if not billions of collections some of which might really impress you. Keep exploring.

Keep learning. Be productive. Stay safe!

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Hari Haren Author

Tell me which one was your fav😉

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Joanna Folk

I use not interested like I'm being paid to.